The Difference Is In The Nose

From Penelope Cruz to Kendall Jenner through the Olsen twins: plastic surgery of the nose prevails among the famous.


In Hollywood, perfection and the race against old age are the order of the day. While some celebrities are known for having repeatedly undergone surgery – Jane Fonda is not hiding – others prefer to avoid the pressure imposed by Hollywood dictates such as Kate Winslet. The latter frequently expresses her opposition to surgery. Among the most common operations, there is undoubtedly rhinoplasty. Discreet and cheap, this operation is one of the most requested. These are some of the ‘celebrities’ who have given in to the scalpel’s call to have a slimmer nose. Actress Angelina Jolie, 40, is one of them.

Although she also enters the club of actresses who do not want to recognize him, Penélope Cruz has also touched her nose, making it finer. She has thus managed to soften her face and soften her features.

Jennifer Aniston, 46, now sports a very different nose from the one she had earlier in her career when she was known for playing the cute Rachel Green in ‘Friends.’

Blake Lively joins the retouched club before he is 30 – he is 28 years old. The actress and model, known for playing Serena Van Der Woodsen in the series Gossip Girl, has not hesitated to repeatedly refine her features.

Although Elsa Pataky’s operations are visible, they often go largely unnoticed. She has done several touch-ups on her face and body before also succeeding in America. Her rhinoplasty is, perhaps, one of her most obvious interventions.

Actress Halle Berry, 49, has undergone surgery twice: a chest operation and a rhinoplasty, with which she sharpened and narrowed her nose. She has never acknowledged having surgery and blamed her facial changes to having lost weight.

Scarlett Johansson’s rhinoplasty seems one of the most obvious of the famous ones. Her current face is very similar to that of 15 years ago, but the bridge and the tip of her nose are different.

Jennifer López is one of the usual in the lists of famous operated. Her first operations were nose and chin, to refine them and define their features. With it, she got a more symmetrical face. Later, she underwent surgery on her cheekbones, breasts, and buttocks (although she has always defended that she behind is a maternal inheritance, the rumors have never stopped).